Speak The Truth

Annie Hawe

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Speak The Truth

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All proceeds go to help the people of East Palestine, Ohio. The song is about the Norfolk Southern derailment that spilled poisonous chemicals and the burn that spewed toxins in the surrounding waters and air. The people deserve answers and help. We must not forget them.

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Wake Up Sleepyhead CD 

Music for kids that grown-ups love too!

"Catchy Melodies & Lyrics that stir the Imagination"

"Awesome vocals - Music that sets a Groove"

"Tunes that make you want to sing along"

The Annie Jam Band has created a folk/pop sound around very catchy tunes & lyrics. With a brother & sister dialogue connecting one song to the next you are taken on a day in the life of two kids exploring, imagining & having fun.

The title track “Wake Up Sleepyhead” starts the kids off climbing trees and looking for bugs.
I Saw a Ship” is a thrilling adventure on a ship in search of treasures while dealing with the perils of pirates & hurricanes.
"Someplace We're Not" takes you to far off places using the endless imagination.
If I Were” gives fun goofy descriptions of being something other than yourself.
"I Want to Fly" takes you to the treetops flying with the birds!
"Seasons" captures the thrill of our changing seasons.
"The Ankle Grabber" is a fun sort-of-spooky tale about trick or treating -with a moral to the story!
"Little Things" makes you happy for the simple things in life.
The sweet voices of singing children are a part of “Over In The Meadow”, “"What the Animals Say”, "Three Little Kittens” and "Guess If You Can”.
The cd wraps up with the mystical lullaby "Wynken, Blyken & Nod", originally released by Lucy & Carley Simon (The Simon Sisters) in the 1960's.

With Annie's easy-listening voice, both kids and grown-ups are drawn into melodies, music & lyrics that make you want to sing along. Over 44 minutes of fun-filled music guaranteed to entertain. Each song will put a smile on your face and leave you wanting more ...

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